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Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn anh

Bài gửi by galileo1998 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:54 pm

I. Multiple Choice
1._______of the students in her class could finish the assignment yesterday.
a.Neither b.None c.Either d. Not much
2.Try_______ so many mistake.
a.not to make b. not make c. to make not d.make not
3. Don't forget ________ me a call when you arrive.
a.give b.giving c.given d.to give
4. Nowadays most women can_________ an education.
a.create b. join c. bear d. pursue
5. An increasing number of people are now going on ________ to Egypt.
a.holiday b. visit c. excursion d. trip
6. Please________ your cigarette; I'm allergic to smoke.
a.put out b. put down c. put up d. put aside
7. Be patient! Don't_______ to learn a foreign language in a week.
a. believe b. consider c. think d. expect
8. Burning coal and oil will release gases_______ to human.
a.dirty b.dusty c. serious d.harmful
9._________his bad leg , he couldn't walk so fast as the others.
a. because b.because of c. the reason d. since
10. He has just gone to his friend's house _______ there is a party today.
a. who b. which c. whom d. where
11. Stop now! You've done _________work for one day.
a. too many b. plenty c.quite more d. quite enough
12. My classmate told me to watch movies in English ______learn spoken English better.
a. so that b. in order to c. to d. b+c
13. Which of the following words is stressed on the first syllable?
a.religious b.belong c. element d. encounter
14. There is a severe_________in Somalia and thousand of people are dying from hunger.
a. epidemic b.famine c. lacking d.disease
15. Helen asked me_________ the film called " Star Wars".
a. have I seen b. have you seen c. if I had seen d.if had I seen
16. It was _________hot day that we decided to leave work early.
a. so b. such c. a so d. such a
17.He seldom goes fishing ,_________?
a. doesn't b. is he c. does he d. isn't he
18.It is dangerous to drive when you _________
a. are drinking b. are drunk c. have drunk d. will drink
19. Literature and Mathematics interest him almost ________
a. equally b. the same c. similarly d. alike
20. Jack was very weary
a. funny b. tired c. sad d. glad
II.Read the passage and choose the best word or combination of words to fill in each blank.
Everybody loves oranges. They are sweet and (1)_________.They are in (2)_______ so it is easy to eat them. Some oranges do not have any seeds. Some have a thick(3)_______and some have a thin skin.
The oranges tree is beautiful. It has a lot of shiny green leaves. The small white flowers smell very(4)________.An orange tree has flowers and fruit at the same time.
There were orange trees twenty million years ago. The oranges were small, not like the ones today. The orange tree(5)_______came from China. Many different kinds of oranges(6)________there today. The Chinese started to raise orange trees around 2400 BC. Chinese art has lovely old pictures of oranges and orange trees.
Farmers(7)_________other parts of Asia and the Middle East learned to(8)_______oranges from the Chinese.Then they taught Europeans. The Spanish(9)_______orange trees in the New World(North and South America).
They took them to Florida first. Oranges are very import(10) ________in Florida today.
1. a. juicy b.watery c. wet d. soft
2. a. parts b. bits c. sections d. slices
3. a. cover b. outside c. cost d. skin
4. a. interesting b. exciting c. sweet d. wonderful
5. a. probably b. specially c. mainly d. chiefly
6. a. produce b. rice c.grow d. breed
7. a. by b. through c. in d. from
8. a. raise b. grow c. sow d. bring up
9. a. placed b. planted c. set d. made
10. a. seed b.produce c. product d. crop
III.Read the text and look carefully at each line. Underline the mistake then correct it.
She was eight year old and small (0)years
for her age and the baby brothers (00) brother
she carried on her left hips was (1) __________
large and plump so that all the way (2)___________
to the Grand House where her (3)___________
mother works, the little girl puffed (4)___________
and panted. She paused several time (5)___________
in the course of her walking to (6)___________
jerk the baby to a more comfort (7)___________
position on her hip. He was held a (8)___________
biscuit in one hand and a bright (9)___________
red plastic spoon in the another. (10)__________
IV.Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fitson the space in the same line.
These days it is(0)_______to open a newspaper without reading about the
(POSSIBLE) damage we are doing to the environment. The earth is being(1)________(THREAT) and the future looks bad. What can each of us do?
We cannot clean up our(2)_______(POLLUTION) rivers and seas overnight. Nor can we stop the(3)__________(APPEAR) of plants and animals. But we can stop adding to the problem while(4)_________(SCIENCE) search for answers, and laws are passed in nature' s(5)_________(DEPEND).
It may not be easy to change our lifestyle(6)________(COMPLETE), but some steps are easy to take: cut down the amount of(7)________(DRIVE) you do, or use as little plastic as possible. It is also easy to save energy , which also reduce(8)_________(HOUSE) bills. We must all make a personal(9)________(DECIDE) to work for the future of our planet if we want to(10)__________(SURE) a better world for our grand children.
V. Fill each gap with ONE suitable world.
Books are written to provide knowledge and good books enrich the mind. By putting(1)_________under the influence of superior mind, we(2)_______ our mental powers. Through good(3)_________we learn that people are everywhere the(4)_________in all ages and in all(5)_________. This knowledge improves our love(6)_________others and helps us to live in peace with creature that can feel hunger and thirst, warmth and cold.
Though it may be possible for us to travel(9)_________the world and see the things happening today, it is not possible for us to see the things that happened in the past. But good books(10)_______us to see not only into the most remote regions of the world today, but also into the world in which our ancestors lived.
VI.Finish each of the incomplete sentences below in such a way that it has the same meaning as the sentence above it.
1. If it doesn't rain soon , a lot of our crops will be lost.
Unless ______________________________________
2. It won't make any difference if it rains because we'll still go.
We'll still go________________________________________
3. Veronica remembered and so did Dorothy.
Veronica didn't ______________________
4. I can't afford to buy this house.
The house __________________________
5. She started learning English 10 years ago.
She has _______________________________
6. I haven't seen that man here before.
This ____________________________________
7. Katherine is the only real friend that Dolly has.
8. In spite of all our efforts, we failed.
Although _____________________________
9. Paul left the room without saying a word.
Paul didn't _____________________________
10.He really likes cars.
He's crazy_________________

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